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If you're a regular follower of my adventures, you'll know that I'm a writer of short stories, set in a world that features two warring city-states, Auriga and Rahesh. You may not know that the stories are all part of a grand saga centered on the war, that I've been working on for quite some time.

Recently, I've begun publishing the short stories, most of which have appeared in various mags and ezines, on Amazon Kindle. So for just 99 cents each, you can possess some of these deathless masterpieces! (Please don't overwhelm me with your enthusiasm, friends!)

The first three stories on Kindle are:

"The Man in the Feathered Cloak" Young Suzannah, orphaned by war, faces a daily struggle to survive by picking pockets. But if the City Guard catches her, they could chop her hands off.

"To Save A Child's Soul" In this thrilling fantasy short story, Healer Lisayne encounters a little girl possessed by evil magic. When her superiors fail her, Lisayne must defy prejudice to find the one ally who can help save the child.

"'Ware The Power," When Sergeant Kyntha's squad is ambushed and captured, she must find a way to rescue them. But that will require her to work with the lieutenant the squad all call "Blockhead."

More stories will be coming soon, so be sure to watch this space! And by all means, contact me and let me know what you think!

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