Smilin' Stan Lee: A belated appreciation

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Stan Lee passed away on November 12, 2018, at age 95. So you could call this a "better late than never" post. Stan was a big influence in my life and my writing. From the mid 60s, when I first discovered The Amazing Spider-Man #28, "The Molten Man," I converted from a confirmed DC reader to a happy Marvelite! And Stan was there, all through my major growth period. He was the avuncular, funny presence in every Marvel comic I read. In those days, it was possible to read ALL the Marvel superhero titles in a given month, and I did. Stan "got it," in the way nobody else did. While other companies featured old white guys trying too hard to sound "hip" and "relevant," nobody did it like Stan. He was genuine. Actually, I decided to become a writer during my teen years and I'm sure Ol' Smiley's work had a hand in it. In fact, a lot of my life learning came from "junk" sources like comic books, TV shows, movies, and the like. Looking back, it's no wonder I turned out so weird! LOL. I'm glad I "knew" Stan, there will never be another like him!

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