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Pulp Empire Volume Four

Arys the Younger in Pulp Empire Volume Four

Arys the Younger has a serious problem: His father. Arys Ironarm is a famous hero of Auriga. Ironarm, the legend says, once called up a thunderbolt which he rode into battle. Ironarm is also an expert with every kind of weaponry. No foe can stand against Arys Ironarm. So say the legends.

Arys the Younger is a tall, powerfully built man like his father. But unlike his father, young Arys is nearsighted. He can wield any weapon except a bow, because he can't see the targets. His father thinks he's a failure. And Arys the Younger is starting to believe his father may be right. Until he follows Ironarm on a secret mission into enemy territory...

Find out how Arys the Younger resolves his father issue. Or does he? Read "Arys the Younger," in Pulp Empire Volume Four, available on Amazon.