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My Works

Where to find works by Jack Mulcahy

Some of my short stories can be found in anthologies on Amazon. All are set in the world of my in-progress trilogy The Chronicles of the Healer, so you can get in on the ground floor of a story that's going to take the world by storm!


However, only Young Adventurers: Heroes, Adventurers & Swashbucklers ($4.99) and Pulp Empire: Heroes and Heretics ($2.99) are available as Kindle books. The other three are only available as paperbacks, with the attendant price differences. And the vendors set the prices, NOT me. I've already been paid for these stories by the publishers, so I'm not making any more money on them in either format.


But you can enjoy the cachet of telling your friends (or enemies) that you got the chance to read me in my early years!


Links follow.



Pulp Empire Volume Four

Pulp Empire Volume Four contains "Arys The Younger." The titular character is the son of a great Aurigan hero, Arys Ironarm, who once rode a lightnng bolt into battle. Will young Arys overcome the difficulty of living in the shadow of his famous father?

Pulp Empire Volume Four

Pulp Empire Volume Five

Captain Barbary of Auriga has come to Rahesh-the-City on a mission: She intends to kill a monster. Her target is an evil woman who collaborates with the enemy that makes slaves of all women. Known as the Most Favored, this woman bathes in the blood of virgins to preserve her youth.

But Barbary's mission goes awry from the start, and she is confronted by the very woman she came to destroy. Find out the Captain's decision in "Jehan's Legacy." 

This is an earlier telling of an incident that later made its way into Healer's Awakening in a different form.

Pulp Empire Volume Five

Heroes & Heretics: A Pulp Empire Anthology

What will Mikhaila decide? Will she try to save her fellow soldier? Find out in "Into the Demesne of Dhuada," in Heroes and Heretics: A Pulp Empire Anthology!