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About Jack Mulcahy

Jack Mulcahy is the descendant of Irish immigrants, who ingrained in him at a very early age a love of stories and writing. He has been a writer all his life. His writing has appeared in newspapers and magazines, and he has sold fiction to Young Adventurers, Pulp Empire, Abandoned Towers, Shadow Sword, Lesbian Short Fiction, Lost Worlds, Sorcerous Signals, and Flashing Swords.


At present, Jack is revising his novel, Healer's Awakening, the first book of a projected trilogy. Set in the world established in the short stories. Healer's Awakening focuses on Valeriya, a Healer, who has been a slave for ten years, and how she escapes her abusive master and overcomes the lies that hold her back from true freedom.


Jack and his loving and supportive wife, Pat, live in suburban Philadelphia, by the grace of their three cats, Miles, Baby, and Molly, the real homeowners.