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Proud Descendant of Poets and Bards

I'm a descendant of Irish poets and bards from whom I inherited a love of stories and storytelling. A writer all my life, I have produced free-lance articles for newspapers and magazines, sold fiction to Lesbian Short Fiction, Young Adventurers (anthology), Pulp Empire, Sorcerous Signals, Flashing Swords, and others. My short story “Night of the Full Moon” was one of five 2015 Finalists in L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future competition. All my stories are connected to a single heroic fantasy saga; at its center is a novel I have just written, Healer's Awakening, that combines the fantastic adventure of Robert E. Howard’s Conan with the feminist themes of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid’s Tale. My wife and I live in suburban Philadelphia, by the grace of our cat Miles, who is in charge of everything.

My fiction

November-December 2020


One of my stories is in the anthology Young Adventurers: Heroes, Swashbucklers & Explorers, edited by my friend Austin S. Camacho, from Intrigue Publishing:










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