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Proud Descendant of Poets and Bards

I am a descendant of Irish poets and bards from whom I inherited a love of stories and storytelling. A writer all my life, I have produced free-lance articles for newspapers and magazines, and sold fiction to Altered Reality, Pulp Empire, New Realm, Lesbian Short Fiction, Lost Worlds, Flashing Swords and Young Adventurers, among others. All my stories are connected to a single heroic fantasy saga; at its center is a novel that combines the fantastic adventure of Robert E. Howard’s Conan with the feminist themes of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid’s Tale. My wife and I live in suburban Philadelphia, by the grace of our two cats, the real homeowners.

My stories

April-May 2020

Recently, I've begun publishing the short stories, most of which have appeared in various mags and ezines, on Storypony.com. So AT NO COST, you can possess some of these deathless masterpieces! (Please don't overwhelm me with your enthusiasm, friends!)


The stories on Storypony are:

"The Man in the Feathered Cloak" Young SUZANNAH, orphaned by war, faces a daily struggle to survive by picking pockets. But if the City Guard catches her, they could chop her hands off.

"Healer" Healer Lisayne encounters a little girl possessed by evil magic. When her superiors fail her, Lisayne must defy prejudice to team with SUZANNAH, the one ally who can help save the child.

"'Ware The Power!" When Sergeant Kyntha's squad is ambushed and captured, she must find a way to rescue them. But that will require her to work with MIKHAILA, the lieutenant the squad all call "Blockhead."

"Night of the Full Moon" When a serf encounters a runaway slave, the extent of her injuries pierces his heart, and forces him to make the most painful choice in his life.

"In a Legend's Shadow" The son of a legendary hero must defeat the advance party of an invading army to prove his worth to his father and to himself.

"The Fruit of Love" A lesbian minstrel must come to terms with the man who loves her, so they both can defeat an evil wizard and save her friend SUZANNAH from a lifetime of slavery.

"To Free A Comrade" When a comrade is kidnapped, can young Cadet MIKHAILA overcome her fear of magic and help her fellow soldier?

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"In my view, a writer is a writer because even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any sign of promise,
you keep writing anyway."

Junot Diaz

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